Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This Summer

I mentioned in one of my videos I'll be busy for part of this summer. I finish finals for this semester on May 5, then have about 3 free weeks when I'll be filming and uploading as many videos as possible. May 28-June 27, I'll be in Strasbourg, France studying abroad. I'll be taking 3 classes there so will have that workload, and since the school only allows us to take one checked bag, I'll be packing only the makeup bare necessities. I'll try to film as many videos as I can before then so I can upload some in France. I plan on creating a separate youtube account where I upload trip videos, but they won't be makeup related. 

Furthermore, I won't be doing much hauling this summer because as of now I'll have 1-2 unpaid internships and may not be getting a paid job until the fall. As much as I love the opportunities these internships present, I'll be tight on cash and won't be hauling as much as I did last summer when I was working. I'll try to create fresh summer looks for you guys with products I already have or with the few products I buy. As always, I appreciate your support. Hope you guys have fun summers planned too!

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