Monday, March 16, 2009

Deal Finder: Cosmetology Schools

In this tough economy, everyone's looking for a good deal and you may be understandably reluctant to drop money for a high-end salon and spa haircut, facial, pedicure, or any other service.  A lot of people are still not willing to visit a value salon that may not leave their hair looking as nice and certainly won't offer the luxurious body seaweed wrap.  Your solution?  Seek out local cosmetology schools, which offer great services at low prices.  The catch?  Students do the work, but depending on what service you're seeking, it's still worth it.  

You can usually request a more experienced student for your appointment and get out with a great looking haircut for around $15!  Aveda Institutes, Marinello Schools of Beauty, and Regency Beauty Institutes are great places to start.   As always, enter at your own risk.  I'd be more willing to book a pedicure or standard trim than an extreme haircut or color processing.  Give it a try and enjoy your savings!

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Vic said...

Great suggestion. I love Aveda Institute.